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Psychotherapy & Counselling

With Janine

Psychologists work in various settings and assess, diagnose and treat a range of concerns. Psychologists formulate a treatment plan and utilise evidence-based psychological approaches to address individual client needs. 


Psychotherapy is used by psychologists in addition to counselling. Psychotherapy is considered a long-term approach used to treat mental health issues, while counselling is typically a short-term approach.


A thorough psychological assessment will be performed during the initial appointment. A treatment plan will be created for each individual, depending on their needs.


Psychotherapy may utilise counselling techniques, however psychotherapy will delve deeper in an attempt to help clients uncover their core issues, causes and beliefs. Psychotherapy assists individuals to understand themselves and their lives from a deeply insightful perspective.


The treatment plan will aim to address unhelpful unconscious and conscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings, physiological responses and behaviours, to help the individual improve their self-awareness and ultimately improve their mental health. 


Medicare rebates are available with a Mental Health Care Plan and Referral from your G.P. Private Health Fund rebates may be available, please check with your Fund. 

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